What I do

Pre-marital guidance & counselling

When taking the big step to get married, each partner enters the relationship with his or her own needs and expectations.

Couple therapy

This practice focus on assisting couples who experiences disharmony and misunderstanding in their relationship.

Family therapy

Family therapy focuses on the family system and if everyone feels emotionally connected, understood and validated?

Parental guidance & counselling

A prerequisite for an emotionally healthy parent-child relationship is that parents must know and understand their children.

Temperament & assessment

The assessment of the child’s temperament through the play therapeutic process is therefore an important component in the therapeutic process.

Play Therapy

Play can be viewed as the universal language of children. The therapist’s interaction and utilisation of the Play Therapeutic process is critical.

Private Practice for Child and Family Therapy

This private practice focus on therapeutic interventions with children, adults, parents families and couples. Beatrix works therapeutically in Afrikaans and English

Clinical Social Worker & Play Therapist

Registration numbers: SACSSP: 10-06970, BHF Practice number: 094005

Words of Wisdom

The beginning of love is to let these we love be perfectly themselves and not to twist them to fit our own image.

Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

Thomas Merton

The thousands of hours of messages we received growing up in our childhood homes exert a much greater influence on us. Some experts believe more than twenty-five thousand hours of these parental messages are stored in the average adult’s mind.

Together, these messages form the “life script” we carry from childhood into adult life. This life script affects every aspect of our lives; the way we see ourselves, the marriage partners we pick, and our lifestyle.

Patrick Means